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Is it wrong I secretly get off to my roommates moaning?
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I have this roommate, I'll call him Terry. Terry and I share a dorm room, he's kinda a snobby punk but he's not too bad. Well anyway, Terry moans like a chick, and every night when he thinks I'm asleep he jacks off in his bed with my back turned to him. He also bites his lip and squirms like a bitch. It's so hot.

I'm not 100% straight but I'm definitely much more into chicks then dudes. He straight up sounds like a female and he's noisy as hell so I can't help but listen and get kinda aroused. Lately I've been getting off to him and his girly noises but I feel kinda guilty.

I'm a big believer in respect and privacy and consent and all, so I feel kinda raunchy considering I'm basically spying on Terry and using him to get off to. It'd be weird to straight up say "Hey I jerk off to your moans every night" but I could like make it known that I'm awake. I don't know, it's stupid hot, but I feel bad about it.
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Terry needs an ass-pounding.
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You should get an erection while pretending to sleep and see what he does..
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@: Rihyae
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It's time to teach Terry how to blow a cock.
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I have no idea what you should do because I'm the most socially awkward person ever, but jesus christ that's hot as fuck..
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Glad I'm not the only one to think so!
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He shouldn't be jacking off next to people if he doesn't want anyone getting aroused, lol. That's my opinion.
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Living vicariously thru other people is usually a good idea. It is a fast way to determine what kind of life is best for you to live. Just don't take it to an extreme.
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