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Me and my best friend and his friend
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Well,im just a kid 15 and now my bestfriend and i fight we haven't talked for 2 months one of our friends chose my bestfriend then my best friend said sorry and then my bestfriends friend is now jealous they have a secret ghost journal then my bestfriend ask "why you showing our secret journal to people" they thought my best friend got mad then he told me his friend which is also my friend is stealing from me and others it happened when they were still friends now they are enemies and we're gonna humiliatte(spelling im a kid )him telling people he's a thief in our class all over the school guys tell me should we do it if the 1 of the vote gets 3 vores cuz it'll happen tommorow pls tell me vote pls vote vote vote vote vote vote

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Is murder out of the question?
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Nah i would like it though
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The universe tends to unravel the way that it should in the end, I voted no because if you do something to personal/extreme, you could get into legal trouble, slander, etc.

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Suck their cocks or lick their pussy TROLL.
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My best friend, his friend and I, Is the correct heading for this ridiculous post of yours!

Stop fucking about at school with your friends as you are all headed to become garbage collectors as a career!

Start learning correct grammar now, it is never to late to get and education!
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Well i did the right thing tell the guidance boom drop it
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Suck him off and see how he likes that.
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