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"Oh look at how insane I am!"
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Gahhhh! I just HATE it when people claim to be insane on social media as if it's cool or trendy! This really grinds my gears, all my life I've been insane and diagnosed with all sorts of stuff, and had to deal with harsh criticism from the narrow minded.

Yet now being insane is apparently cool? I keep seeing air headed social media posts (from people who I know to be perfectly sane) which are along the lines of...

"Sane people scare me."
"I enjoy every moment of my insanity."
"I'm so random, weird and crazy! Might end up in an institution."

This bothers me so much; not to mention that they themselves appear afraid of people whom are REALLY insane. It's to the point where I've stopped using the majority of my social media accounts any more, and stopped browsing any fandoms because it just makes me so angry!

Does anyone else share this view?
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I don't think that people who do it are awful. I do think they don't get it though. I have OCD and Depression, diagnosed by a Psychiatrist. People joke about being OCD all the time when they're really not and they have no clue, but their intentions aren't bad. They just don't get it. I hear you that it can be annoying, frustrating and many other things. I think in most cases knowing their intentions generally aren't bad helps me in that it bothers me less.
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I think it's an issue because it becomes a "boy who called wolf" situation.

I've been told flat before that my condition (I have depression with regular mood swings) is an "excuse" and "for attention", and I'm sad to say I know where people get that impression from.

They get it from social media and angsty teen culture, because we're almost de-sensitised now to public photos of wrist-cutting, "self-diagnosed depression rants" and other public cries for help on the internet.

I'm certainly not against people speaking publicly about their experiences, it's going to help a lot in reducing stigmas and supporting people. However, I think that speaking publicly is something you do AFTER getting diagnosed properly by a doctor, getting/attempting treatment, and having some level of experience post-diagnosis. I don't think posting self-harm photos and having Tumblr rants about your "self-diagnosed OCD" is really adding much inspirational to the discussion.
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Get off fakebook and shitter.
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I don't use social media so none of this bothers me. Ignoring social media is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
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But how are you going to know what meals people are eating? and what random boring thoughts pop into their minds, i mean you're missing out on what pokemon people are catching and what people saw on tv last night, you're even missing out on angry rants over out of context daily things and ill informed political arguments...
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I watch YouTube I see plenty of rants.
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I don't use social media coz its too mainstream nowadays.
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Dude. It's called facetiousness. Adjust!!
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It's so goddamn annoying when people try to act all edgy and insane when they really at the MOST have a minor disorder. I can totally see where you're coming from.
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There's no such illness that is called "insanity", I mean the closest you'll get is probably someone with schizoid or is a psychopath. Calling yourself insane is fucking stupid unless you are literally batshit crazy and are in a mental asylum or have killed someone (this goes for the OP as well.)

I have BPD and I am also sociopathic, seeing posts like the ones you mentioned above make me want to throw the people who post those things into a pool of acid. I'm sick of the stereotypes of mental illnesses.
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They just want to be little edgelords. Dont take these losers seriously, anyone who glorifies a mental illness should be ashamed.
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Gently remove the tampon and stop getting offended by stupid shit on social media.
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