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Pot controls me.
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I am an 18 year old highschool senior and I can't go more than a few days without weed. I've robbed my parents and borrowed money from people, I've stolen small amounts of weed directly, and I frequently am high in public. I haven't gotten good grades in ten years even though I used to be in every gifted program ever and was a top notch kid. Weed was introduced when I was 14, and I feel so despondent with my grades and skipping because I can't possibly go to a top tier school anymore and it bothers me immensely. I combat all of my problems with marijuana, and I'm the epitome of a lazy stoner. I focus better stoned at this point anyway because when I'm sober anxiety and fear cloud my everything. I know it's my fault, but I just don't know what to do after all of these stagnant years. Thanks all.
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Habit: cue > routine > reward
Feel anxious/bored > smoke > relief

You can't change the cue or the reward of a habit, but you can change the routine. Next time you feel the urge, try something else. Videogames, exercise, whatever.
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Pot relieves the anxiety it creates. Why not grow your own? Then you will have more pot, more cash flow, and more anxiety.
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You have to be able to afford your own weed if you want to smoke often. You're 18, you can get a job.

If you truly are a senior with a good amount of credits, then stay in school and graduate. If you're going to be spending another 2+ years, drop out and get a TASC (high school equivalency) unless you wanna ride that shit out.

You can do all of that high if you wanted to, it just takes self discipline and determination.

I do everything that I'm supposed to and I've been smoking marijuana for quite sometime. It's possible so don't blame it on weed, not all potheads have to fit into stereotype.
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That's why it's better to start smoking after 18 when you have your own money and your brain is enough developed than you'll control yourself and not pot. Also weed is not addictive and have no withdrawal.
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It's all in moderation brother
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