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Should I Follow American Football or Ice Hockey
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Im trying to decide which sport I should follow. Im going into highschool and i'll only have time for one of the sports. Im a starter in football. There are more great moments in football than hockey, but there's also more frustrating moments. In hockey, im the best player on the team and its fun but boring. Which sport should i pick.
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baseball players git the most money for the least wearntear on the body
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First before I vote you should explain how something can be both fun and boring at once.
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Flip a coin for it. See if you're disappointed by the outcome.
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Why feel obligated to follow either?
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You should follow your heart.

But let me warn you: MANY players in (American) Football suffer head injuries and come out very bad both physically and emotionally afterwards.

Best of luck and God bless you, be it whatever you decide!
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