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Should I stay or should I go?
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Hello guys,

I have a problem - I'm in a relationship for several years. Ok, that's not the problem. The problem is, that I am always horny as fuck but my girlfriend don't need it. I really love my girlfriend but I honestly need much more sex!

The question is:
Should I fuck some other hot girls or should I die due the explosion of my dick?

(Sorry for grammar mistakes - I'm german)
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Comments (5)
If you stay there will trouble.
If you go there will be double.

Leave. That's my advice.
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You should totally just bounce.
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If you guys are compatible sexually then leave while you can it will only cause more pain and fighting later on. Find someone who can keep up or match your speed with you.
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Why is cheating or staying the only two options for people? Just cut your losses and move on. You're wasting your time with her and you're better off finding someone who's compatible with you.
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I have the same issue, I am a very sexual person but my partner is not, the fact we have a daughter I can't just get up and go over the lack of a sexual connection.. If your not feeling it and there's nothing to hold you back go and spread your juice
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