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Should I talk to people in my class in a new high school
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I am a junior at a high school that I just moved to, so this is my first year here. Sometimes I feel like when I initiate conversation the classmates don't want to talk to me, but occasionally some do. another time one girl called me clingy and desperate to make friends. Should I keep being social or tone it down?
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Knock the bitch out!!
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Do whatever you want to do. The girl who insulted you can go fuck herself - you just want to make friends after all. Talk to people who seem approachable and more easy going.
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Please comment and say why you chose your choice.
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When you're calm you're more confident.
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@: Rihyae
But what if you're not, and always caught i but what if you're not calm, and always confident. for example I have second thoughts about going up to someone and talking to them but I then adjust and just go for it.
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@: Reeve
Talk to a doctor, and find a med for nerves.
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dress up as a carrot and stab that girls face with a sharpened carrot and dance around her corpse
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