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To desire a sexual relationship with mother in law (wife's mom)
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Been dating my (now wife) since high school. We got married in our 20's and we are now both in our 30's. After a couple years of dating, I started to notice her mom. I was a teenager at the time. She was in her mid 40's. Her mom is now almost 60. She's single and lives alone. Hasn't been with a man for about 10 years.

The years have been kind to her mom. Everyone thinks she has still 'got it' for her age. And she does. Big Round Butt. Soft smooth skin. Beautifully shaped thighs and adorable hands. Awesome boobs too. On top of that, she has a super sexy accent and is very goofy. She is self conscious about her midsection cause she's gotten a little flabby there, but I think she minds much more than I do.

We are all very close. The 3 of us hang out all the time and have for years. She really likes me as a son in law. She's always been sorta flirtatious with me, but it was never ever spoken of. Little glances. Smacks on the butt (mutual). One time she sat on my lap while I was at the computer. Her daughter (my wife) walked out of the bathroom and saw that and didn't think nothin of it.

A few years back, she had been experiencing some discomfort in her lower back right above her butt. (for real - she has some sciatica pain). Then one day (still a few years ago), the most awesome thing happened. I had gone with her to pick up her plasma tv and went back to her house to help her set it up. We were alone. She complained of some pain and I told her to lay down on the floor so I could rub it out for her. She laughed, but went on her stomach. I asked her where the pain was, and she seriously pointed right on her butt. So I started to massage it with my right hand and actually put my left hand right in the middle of her buttcrack (pants on) for support. After about 1 minute, she said thanks and sorta got up but put her butt real far back(like doggystyle position) and made it very clear that she was comfortable and even happy to have me behind her with her head down and everything. I was right behind her just amazed out how cool this was. I continued rubbing her butt and had one hand between her legs and sorta kinda rubbed her pussy through the pants but really subtly.

She then stood up and I smacked her butt and said (exact quote here).. "dang mama, nice booty!". She laughed and walked away and that was the end of it.

Fast forward a bit. Nothing more ever happened after that. And we have never spoken about it. But when I give her a hug, I always sorta bring my hands lower and feel her booty a little. She knows it, and has never minded. But the last couple times, she kinda blocked my hand! ah!

To cut to the chase. Here is what I gather (with observations that reach far beyond what I can fit into this descriptive question). She is scared because she thinks I am gonna ruin my relationship with her daughter, which is not my intention. Since lately my MIL has been sorta weird and standoffish to me, should I just give it up and forget it? Or should I let her know that I think me being attracted to her actually makes me more attracted to her daughter and that it's really a good thing for everyone (that's true btw). My wife is hot.

In a conversation a while back, my wife asked me if I thought her mom was pretty. I said yes and then I said that I love her mom's butt and have fantasized about her. Basically her response was "Well... is this going to have a negative impact on our relationship?" I told her no it won't. Then she even said that's a good thing because that means I will be attracted to her for a long time. But she doesn't know that I fantasize about her mom ALL the time. And I think she would not be happy if we 'did' anything and wife found out. The truth is I want to do every naughty thing you can imagine with her mom and I cannot stop wishing for it, though I've tried to over the years.

I gave some advice to a person on IIN from another question to communicate open and honestly, but man it's hard when it's your own scenario and you don't want to screw everything up.

Here's what I wish would happen. I tell MIL that I have the hots for her and that I want a sexual but non-romantic relationship with her, but that it's a good thing because that means I will have the hots for her daughter for a really long time. After all, my wife really did say that, so I wouldn't be lying. Maybe that might make her more comfortable with us foolin around all through her 60's.

What should I do?
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try to talk to your wife about it first, hint her to it if she will be ok with it go for it if not you havent done anything wrong so far try to see her reactions when you talk to her you might have to stop so it doesnt get bad. if your wife will be ok with it im sure your MIL will love it
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I drop hints all the time to my wife that her mom is "voluptuous", and "still looks really good", and "dam girl, work what your mama gave ya!".

I am trying to continue the setup to where if I am ever able to make something really good happen that it won't be too much of a shocker for her.

But the other day (literally just last week) her mom was over and I was getting ready to take a shower. I had left the bathroom door open because it's sorta in the corner and it's pretty certain that she will not go over there, but there is this other door right off the bathroom that goes to the outside patio that has a big glass window and it was nightime so it reflected the interior of the house. I had that open too and angled it just right so that her mom can see me in the bathroom all lit up when I was getting into the shower. She totally saw me full frontal and full rearview and said very quietly to herself "Oh my God,(my name)". But she had waited like 5 seconds before saying anything. I saw out of the corner of my eye that she was looking for quite a while before saying anything. Then my wife came over and told me to close the door because they could see me in the reflection.

Also the last couple times I noticed that she is not blocking my hand from running over her booty when hugging her. That's a good sign.

For years I have struggled with whether to give this up or keep going for it. I guess it's just that I still have hope that something really awesome will happen one day.
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She's your wife's mother! You should continue to fantasize but don't go any further. Do you want to ruin your mariage and the relationship between your mother-in-law and wife?
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Fuck her bro. Please message me and let me know what goes down
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You need to stop. The odds are nothing good comes out of this. Just because you have desires and she has desires that is no reason to act on them. Being a human being and an adult means you put aside your little desires because you're interested in the safety and well-being of others. All that is really happening is that hormonal sparks are flying because the two of you are in close proximity. Youi need to chill and not even fantasize about here. Fantasize about someone else when you get the urge.
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