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Two people confess their love to each other. Whats their relationship?
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If two people confess their love to each other, what does that make them? What is their relationship?

Well, here's the story.

I've crushed on my brother's best friend for a long time now, and recently when he went away to visit family, we somehow started texting back and forth every night, because neither of us manage to sleep. We would just have deep conversations about all kinds of aspects of life. After three days of that, he told me that he loved me. By then, he already knew that I liked him because his sister, who was my best friend told him. (Basically, it was indirect confession.) Anyway, the night that he confessed via text, our conversation was about us. We basically talked about memories we've had together, and how our relationship is and how we want it to be. Now...culturally, we can't have a relationship before marriage. That is, we can't date or be lovers of some sort. We decided that for our culture's sake, we would avoid talking about our love and anything related. Almost everyone from both his and my family know that I love him, but no one knows about this plot twist, and everyone's still teasing me to forget about him, because it's an unrequited love, and he and I will never be. Today, he's coming back to town. Although, I don't know how to face him because him and I are both anti-social and awkward. My question is: What does society consider us to be? What is our relationship?

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Well, if you love each other you are lovers in the true sense of the world even if you can't take the relationship further into sexual contact.

I commiserate with you for living in a repressive culture and I hope you two can still find happiness despite it.
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I'll go against the norm here and say dreamers.
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The same thing you always were. Why would confessing you love each other suddenly change anything? Is there more information to this?
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