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What do you think of this quote i made up?
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"One can not truly be happy, until they don't have to rely on others for their happiness."
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Comments (11)
I think Buddhism might have beaten you to that by a couple of thousand years. :/
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Are you relying on us to make you happy?

If your quote makes you happy, be happy.
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That somehow made me feel lonely
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It's good if people are independent and can make themselves happy, in my opinion. I don't see why it has to be one or the other, though. What's wrong with other people making you happy? Although, I guess it's the being reliant part, though. I don't know.
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I agreed.
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I disagree. The quote fits quite well for me, but I'm an introvert. Applying this to an extrovert wouldn't work in my opinion.
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I NEED others T-T they make my life beautiful!!!
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I think we need to split up "happiness".

It's too much of a catch-all term. There's too many types of happiness, some of which you can only achieve with the help of others, some of which you can only achieve alone, and others which require a combination of both. Different people need different types of happiness in their lives, so I think your idea is accurate for some people but not everyone. I think it works well for me in terms of where I want to direct my life towards, but other people need other kinds of happiness to feel contented. Maybe everyone needs every type of happiness, who knows? :P
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I like it. It's like saying to be happy you must feel complete without others
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you actually don't need people to make you happy... depending on them for happiness can rather make you much more sad and isolated because you simply cannot rely on people... their mood, attitude, personality depends and expectations at the end hurt ,hurt a lot.... yeah we can say friends ,family , partners but even then you ain't guaranteed...

so rely on your own self .. try to seek other things that can only make you happy and there's no chance of sadness from them...
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Nuetral. some people NEED others to have happiness while others dont.
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