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What should I do if a girl thinks I'm a stalker
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I'm worried I might've freaked out this one girl because I try to talk to.
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Most likely she has a very cold personality and it's just a way to ignore you. Malicious gold diggers often do this.
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What did you do? If you were watching her from a distance without communicating, you were acting like a stalker. Act normal. Talk to her that it isn't your intention to stalk her or scare her. Apologise to her. Offer her a coffee if she responds positively.
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its hard to comment when you give so little information.
but I'd give her space.
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It'd be best to move on and leave her alone. Any further attempts to communicate with her are just going to confirm, in her mind, that you're a stalker.

Also, try to learn from whatever you did and don't do that again. It's unlikely that she's the only one who would think you're a stalker.
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You didn't put a lot of info. Did you do something to make her think you're one? Perhaps she's being over dramatic? Either way If she thinks you're a stalker, then leave her be.
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She hasn't said that she thinks I'm a stalker but I have waited for her without her consent and I don't know if she suspected or not.
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@: Reeve
Waiting for someone without them knowing is a bit odd. Kind of reminds me of that time my boyfriend told me about his stalker trying to stab him with a knife. I'm not saying you'd do that and I'm not trying to insult you. If you can't talk to her then perhaps you should stop waiting for her without her knowing and forget about her?
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