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What should I do with my crush?
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There's this girl that I want to talk to but I don't know if I should try to be in places she is in or will be or when I randomly see her.
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Several things:

1. Are you ready to talk to her? I ask because if you start showing up where she'll be, but chickening out on talking to her each time and redoing it, that's stalking and people will notice you doing this (including her). So if you're going to do the show up plan, talk to her on the first go.

2. Showing up after is the same as before. Unless you're ready to talk to her on the first try, it'll become stalking if you keep trying to redo the encounter.

3. Talking to her randomly when you see her is best. You're doing your own thing, and she's doing hers, so if you just happen to cross paths you can give a quick hello or something.

Good luck!
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But what if she doesn't want someone she is not close to just going up to her?
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