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What's your favourite Part of school? (UK)
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Thinking back to old days... Or maybe your just in school. If your in school, vote what your favourite bit is SO FAR. This poll was designed for the English educational system, and if your American tell me but don't complain. I really hope I get support for this poll, and I see peoples different views. If you have an account, it would be lovely if you posted WHY you voted for what you did. Thanks for reading this and I can't wait for the results!
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I liked grade 12 the most. I only had four classes due to knocking out the other classes in summer school. I would leave early and spend the rest of my day lounging around, drawing, reading manga, eating snacks, and going to the mall with my sis.
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6th form because it was a time when the craziest parties and other random shit happened. Also all the dickheads had left by that point, because only people who really wanted to be in 6th Form went.

It was just a really good, fun time
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