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Where should I choose to study?
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Hi lads. So I'm a year 11 student from a country in the Balkan states and I've been thinking about my education and future a lot during the past couple of months since it's part of my inevitable future. I'm torn between two choices in particular. I want to study Graphic Design and I want a quality education in it. Of course, I would like to make the cheapest choice possible but also have an unforgettable experience of my university education meaning I don't want to go out of my country just to study, I want to enjoy myself abroad and get used to the country I will potentually reside in.

The whole deal with refugees and speculations of a war make me want to go study in Australia. It's far away, it's not in any type of major conflict or part of a problem, the student community is mostly immigrants and all in all it's a lot more tolerant towards overseas people. I think it would be easier to fit in, get along and find a job there but my concern is money and post-education stuff (You know, because you cannot settle down in AU immediately after you've finished your education). Also I really like their cities, nature, the quality australian memes, accent and diversity. It's become a dream of mine to live there.

My other choice, which I am most likely to settle down with, is going to study in Britain. Now, I don't know which country of the whole kingdom, but oh boy they all scare me. I know the british don't exactly get along with immigrants. I've heard from friends who've stayed with a british host family and from my mom's brother that they're a lot colder and meaner towards non-brits which makes me afraid that I might not be accepted in social groups and it might be hard finding any type of job. I've done little research about Britain but it's enough to calculate that my education (plane tickets, tuition fees and living expences) would be significantly cheaper. In addition to that, there's the whole thing with Brexit which is still going on and can be executed at any time (as far as I'm aware) making me worry about losing any type of european union benefits I might get as a student or a worker.

Thanks for taking your time to read so far. This means you're truly interested and I hope you have some sort of information for me. Any sort of help would be benefitial. What would you choose? Aditional information about me, I'm not a perfect student I do pretty decent I get average and above average scores and my girlfriend might end up as my roommate, paying half the rent and bills.
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Fuck off where full!
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You made me chuckle. +1
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Australians likes to be the best in everything they do. Australia likes to provide for its people. It has a stable economy that is vigorously protected by poisonous, biting, flying, stinging things.
From what I have gathered, they probably won't put up with shit for too long so don't expect to get into a great university with below average marks.
This is where Britain comes in. They like average.

Have you thought of going to New Zealand?
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Havent done much research on new zealand. I wouldnt say i'm below average, though, I got 5,100/6,000 score overall for 10th grade with english being 5,500/6,000. Would that also be considered too low? Thanks for the input!
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As a British-born person, I'd only recommend you go there if you can afford London, or if not London then Manchester or Bristol. Those are the only cities in the UK worth living in.

As far as immigration goes, it's not all hate-mongering. That does exist, I won't lie to you, there are British people who dislike immigrants in large numbers and scapegoat them... there are also people who love immigrants to the point of crazed delusion, to where they'll defend immigrants whatever they do. Brits are a very either/or "for or against" culture when it comes to immigration, I feel like I'm literally one in a million being passive and not giving a fuck either way.

But again, London is your best bet. It has such a massively diverse and international community that you'd fit right in as an immigrant.

Do remember though, tuition fees are crazy high in The UK now. I don't know if you'd still be paying "Balkan" prices for your education in The UK (some nationalities can do that, go there for university and not pay what British students pay), but if you have to pay the full British fees, definitely don't bother. You'll be in a ridiculous amount of debt after.

If you get onto a British course, I doubt Brexit will affect you until after you graduate.
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You are very much appreciated! ^^
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