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White people came from black people?!
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My friend told me she saw this video saying that white people came from apes and the reason why they're so pale is because they evolved the most and black people evolved the least and that's why we still have big noses and big lips and white people have the opposite.
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In a scientific sense "evolved more" doesn't mean anything. Every species/race evolves to fit its environment, there is no forwards direction or definite goal. But yes black people have changed less, noticeably in physical appearance, since our (white people's) ancestors left their original environment first.
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@: Couman
This. People got lighter to better vitamin D while wearing more clothing, amongst other things.
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Humans evolved to have various colours and shapes depending on long-term climate and environment. Heading away from the equator tended to make for lighter skin and narrower noses to do with heat regulation. There are no sudden changes if you do the journey slowly, it's a gradual process. If you walk from equator to pole there is no place where black people suddenly become white people, you will see the features changing slowly, ie 'race' is a man-made category division.
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The genetic differences between Europeans and Africans are so tiny and negligible that we are indisputably the same species. That's just scientific fact.

Changes in skin colour are adaptations to the environment. Africans (and South Asians and indigenous Amazonians) have dark skin as a natural defense to very strong sunlight, which is needed in equatorial regions. In contrast, Europeans and North-East Asians do not get a lot of sunlight at those latitudes, so our ancestors (who were probably dark-skinned thousands of years ago) gradually developed lighter skin that can react to subtle changes in sunlight more to help develop vitamin D.

An "adaption" is not complete evolution. It's just a very tiny step towards it, no one group of humans has changed enough to have branched off into a separate species... yet.
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This guy's obviously never seen a trailer park full of white folks.
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Do you live in one? Does it make you sad? Does it make you more sad to live in one or more sad to see people behaving this way? I'm sorry for not specifically saying location.
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@White_Flight What the hell are you even saying? This is so racist I can't even read it. I am not black, but I just get offended by this...
What you are saying is that white people have made more contributions... well I'm going to tell you my opinion. White people think they have they own the world, haven't you heard this saying "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts everything"? I simply think that not everyone has had the same chances... and I don't even think that there is any difference with skin color. Duh!
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I didn't come from a niglet, I came from God!
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Does it mater? Some races just evolved better.
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