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Who was the best?
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I know this is asked ALL the time. But I wanna find out what others think, I can't find many fans in Scotland, for whatever reason. Only John fans lol. Who was your fave Beatle? Don't fight guys, I'm only asking. I know of the others. But they're not as valued lol. Yoko was a joke BTW...
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Pete Best!
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VW Beetle
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Fa sho!
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I voted McCartney. George Martin would be second.
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overrated overplayed borin music

zeppelin rules
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A bit, err 'derivative' though eh? Download the originals here.
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_______\___.__C____) just_(_(____>__|__/
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They're all trash. The band was a mistake and garbage.
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Okay, thanks Yoko, please sign offline now, nobody cares what you think goat.
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