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Women in the work place
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How do you feel about women in the work place?
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Comments (10)
Working with pregnant women makes me nervous because if a student gets violent and throws a fit, I have to step in so she doesn't get hurt and with my student population, that's common. I think I'm just more naturally protective of women in general unless experience tells me that she can take it.

Other than that, there isn't a huge difference. I've met just as many incompetent coworkers of both sexes.
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maybe if she would just suck the students cocks instead of refusal you wouldnt have to deal with such a mess. i feel for you neuro.
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If innovation plays a role in the company's success, women are generally a terrible choice.
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Is this something sort of Twilight Zone shit?
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Um no. It's the fucking 21st century and you're going to have to get used to it. Women in the workplace is a good and normal thing. Are you attracted to women? Because, hey, if you're too heartless to see women in the workplace as a positive thing, then look at it like this: work is a good place to pick up women.
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Women should totally work, otherwise you just get stuck supporting them. I dont get why people would ever want to have to support their wife or girlfriend financially. Go out and get a damn job like everybody else.
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Women should work, but they should have specific jobs. Most women can't handle strategy and innovative thinking and when given the slightest level of authority they go completely overboard. To be fair men do this also, yet it's nowhere near equal to how many women are like this.
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Do you suck cock! that's the question!
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It depends on the woman. Some women are great in the workplace and some women are terrible in the workplace. This very statement I just said is also true about men. It really is not a one gender or the other thing but rather an individual thing.
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I feel the same way about women in the workplace the same way I feel about men: as long as they're not an entitled asshole I have zero issues with them.
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