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Would you pay more for your electronic products if it meant this?
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If it meant there were 2 jobs for every 1 person in your country and that when you left a job you could just walk strait into a new job without delay and that there was great job security and jobs were not shipped offshore to keep costs down. If the basics like food and electricity were a lot cheaper and you lived in a society where every family could afford to put food on the table.

However, to get this you must pay more for your electronics which means saving up for them for longer and because they are more expensive you have too keep them and not keep upgrading. As a result of paying more for them they last way longer so you don't need to replace them as often anyway.

Would you pay more for your electronics if it meant you had this kind of lifestyle?
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To tell you the truth, we don't have enough jobs in our country and electronics prices are way too much inflated. I wouldn't mind paying more if it's just for electronics.
Mine and many more countries would happily accept the condition you mentioned.
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You must wake up and face reality, the "man" is out to get you and me, they overcharge us for everything, its more commonly known as "Democracy". The only way to fight back is by moving into the hills and becoming completely self sustaining. That way the "man" cannot extort anything from you!
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