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Would you pay someone to be your friend ?
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Would you pay someone to be your friend ? A bit like a comedian or a escort.
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Comments (11)
Of course no. It would be a false friendship.
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Honestly, most friendships are really just two people trying to get something from one another. This would be a more honest way of going about the same thing. Armus approves this post.
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That's not a friend, that's an employee.
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I have paid people to crew on a boat with me and most often we become good friends (but I keep paying them). It's a rather intimate lifestyle, living in a space possibly as large as a small living room.
It either breeds friendship or not; there's little room for middle ground.
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This happens a lot in Tokyo. :'(
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No, it would be sad thing.
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You must be a friendly person to provide intimate services well. What's a little money between friends?
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No, but if someone offered me money and said would you be my friend for the day - I'm down.
Easy money.
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That depends. All the time? Or am I like bringing them along to help me beat somebody up?
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Nope. It would be a waste of money.
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