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You can be anything you want to be in life?
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With Faith Patience and persistance(sorry if its spealled wrong).
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Comments (12)
No. I have had faith, patience and persistence (it was almost right ^~) and I'm still not a dinosaur...
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lmao I love reading comments , I say no also.
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Yes but probably not with those attributes.
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Some things are just not to be, depending on what you want to do/be in life.
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i dont get this..
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No. No matter how much faith, persistence, or patience you have, if you want to be Superman or Batman's twin brother, or maybe the geeky Hitler wannabe who'll blast the world in just one bang with a giant ultraviolet cannon high atop the Moon's surface 11 years from now, it's impossible for you to be one. I mean, it all depends on what's possible and impossible. Everything lies on the border of possibility.
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maybe not god or satan but destiny and luck decide what will hapen to you everything happens for a reason this may seem liek a world of just space,plants,and sadness but I KNOW somthing happens and when you least expect it life as we know it will change you can be what you wish so as long as you dont do the opposite matter of the plan long story short you dont know what you want to be until it happens!
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You can do anything u set ur mind to. :)
The trick is to believe in yourself.
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Not exactly. Its a nice thought though
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Some things take a very long time. But you cannot change your heart. I have always done everything I set my heart to. My profession took 20 years, but I made up my mind. And now I am the one sought after. At least before I went comatose (accident). Now I am building my name back. But it is happening, smoothly.
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I can try as hard as I want to but I can never be a cat.
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I'm aiming to become a professional mangaka[Japanese comic book creator] by the age of 17, being next year.I'll debut this year and polish off my skills.It's totally possible, and in no way will I be the first, lol.
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