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Your longest time spent naked?
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I am curious to know, whats the longest time you guys have been naked?
I myself have been on a vacation as long as summer(a full 93 days.) without putting on even a simple pair of underwear.
After thinking about the trip i couldn't help but try asking this question here.
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Comments (8)
Nine months, but unfortunately I can't remember it.

More recently one day is the longest.
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For like 10 minutes in the bird bath.
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as a kid i always wanted to be naked. i remember once i threw off all my clothes at kindgarten and escaped until the police found me running down the streets naked
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I am a closet nudist, but only when wife is out dare I go nude.
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Nakedness is bliss; so are the nudist resorts of Florida.
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I like being naked too...would do it ore if I could and like naked attractive people around me.
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If i was a werewolf or sex obsessed then yes other than that no
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I love being naked. I walk around my house naked whether or not the windows are closed almost all the time
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