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13 year old briefs or boxers?
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My son is 13 and still wears briefs. To me there is no difference to what he wears. The ones he wears are like these:

What do you think of these? Should i just leave him with them?
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Comments (12)
Thats absolutley fine because I hated boxers, i only wore them due to peer pressure in high school. So when i left school, i threw ALL of my boxers away and bought a packet of coloured and a packet of white briefs.
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Get him the boxers. Looking at that pic you don't want him wearing those into his 50's.
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boxerbriefs are the best
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At his age where everyone thinks boxers are the only way to go, you should definitely buy him boxers. There is the whole thing about wearing what makes YOU comfortable, but come on in middle school you can't really help it. At least get him boxer briefs at American Eagle or Aeropostale, a good brand, no Fruit of the Loom. Actually I think Joe Boxer would be the best.
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Yeah I would get him boxers or boxerbriefs. You can get boxerbriefs at amercian eagle.
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COMMANDO! Oh the wind is ever inspiring.
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It is normal but probably people his age won't understand that so you better get him some boxers!!:)...
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Boxers are comfy
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My father is 45 and wears similar underwear. You can buy him briefs and boxers, but in the end it's his choice of what he wants to wear.
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You're gonna want to get him boxers.
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I liked boxers and briefs. But switched to boxers
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Get him boxer briefs and boxers and let him choose? Just don't let him go into high school with briefs....
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