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14 year old dating a 18 year old?!
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What do you think of younger girls datting older guys?
Is a four age gap really that big when your already so young?
tell me what you think!
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Comments (25)
Fuck it man.. nature created our bodies to be sexually active at that age so go for it.

Just dont get her pregnant!..
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Lol, I was curious. I was 14 when I met my bf. (He was eighteen)
Now, he'll be twenty in august and I'll be Sixteen in April:]
I kinda disagree though. I think in some ways I'm more mature then he is.
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When I was a senior in high school I would skip lunch and go flirt with twelve-year-old girls out at recess. I miss those days.
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Its awkward not because of the numbers, but because in those years there is more about maturity that doesn't quite correlate with the numbers. L et me explain. A more mature 14 & less mature 18. At an age were a year or two is huge.

I think the 2 of you should sort it out. Just don't get over your head - like pregnant.
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Normal. It's a high school senior dating a freshman. Happens all the time. I did it. My girlfriend was very mature for her age and also (which I loved) very well-developed. No one thought it odd or abnormal that we were a couple.
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rule of thumb for younger people
half you age and add 7
so i'm 18
half it is 9
add 7
it is aceptablefor me to date a 16 year old
thats the rule in britain anyway
dunno bout you amerifags
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Haha never seen that before, spose its 1 way of sorting it lol
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Im pritty sure others will tell you not to do it and go on how he's a "pedo" and only wants sex. So ill go stright to asuming you're mind is set on this.

Well you're not of any leagal age and if anyone found out about you both he would posibly get arested. If you're gonna date older guys so young, you should atleast keep it quiet if you want to stey in the relationship.

Use protection if you're going to have sex with him. You can probly walk into any pharmacy and get some condoms if you need to. They tend to not discriminate against age. If he dosnt want to use a condom, make him. You may feel old enough to go out with older men and may even feel mature enough to have sex. But do you feel old enough to have kids or an abortion? Use a condom.

This is actuly normal, sadly. Its you're story though, do what you want with it. Who knows, you may be making a good decision.

Good luck.
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There's an assumption there that this person is American... US has one of the more strict age of majority laws in the world.

Good advice though.
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it's more normal if the girl is 18 and the guy is 22. Hahaha..

I date a 42 years old man, when i was 22, and it feels just normal.
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This wouldn't be a big deal at all if you were 24 and 28... but there's a big gad between 14 an 18. I mean maturity-wise.
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why do older guys like younger girls?i still dont get it =s
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@ EatMyShorts (32946)
2010-02-11 19:10:52
why do older guys like younger girls?i still dont get it =s

To answer that 1 basicaly girls tend to mature quicker then boys so an 18 year old girl is most likely just as mature as a 21 year old.

Also a younnger girl appeals to alot of guys because it enhances the feeling that they are the protector.
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Well,as other people said the problem here it's not the numbers,it's maturity.I think that a 18 year old guy could think as an adult.
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you idiot... yes the gap is big when you are young, that is when it is considered A CRIME!! My moms friend got put into jail for doing what you are doing right now. Its called carnal or conventional knowledge or something like that... Date people with gaps when you are older, not younger :S
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It depends on what the relationship is about. You may want to wait until the 14 year old is older
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I like a senior too!! hes so fucking adorable <3 and he like me back :] actually 3 seniors and a teacher likes me. and my senior guy isn't a perve either. so normal :D
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~the thing is,no one should be able too tell you who you can and cant love,god didnt make one rule saying a eight teen year old and a fourteen year old couldnt be ttogether,no.but if you wanna have sexauel intercourse keep on the down low.the fourteen yr old's parents might not lyk the idea of that..but me&my boyfriend will ne the same age diffrence the day he turns eight im up for being with whoever you want'
Dont let anyone tell you who too love or anything:')
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fuck these idiot! he/you is/are a fucking peado!
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It may be normal if you were older, but right at the moment, you could get your boyfriend in trouble because he's technically an adult. If you guys have sex it would be considered statutory rape, even if you consent.
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The younger the people are the more of a difference there will be in the maturity levels between the two people.
That's why it's healthier for young adults to date other people who are closer to their own age and it's considered statutory rape for someone older to be with someone who is legally still considered a child.

A 14 year old girl is basically still a child with an adult-looking body and lots of raging hormones that give the illusion of adult feelings. 18 year old boys are considered adults by law, but still don't have the emotional maturity to recognize that younger girls are not a suitable match for them.

Women usually tend to reach an emotional maturity regarding relationships when they are in their early twenties and for guys it's in their late twenties.

You may not see the difference in such a large age gap because you are overwhelmed by the emotions of it all & you are very young and lacking a lot of life-experience, but everyone around you probably will. Your parents are probably the best judge of what age your boyfriend should be because even if you don't like it, they only want what's best for you.

Trust me on this one too: Most people would think a man pathetic & weak if he were 18 and dating a 14 year old girl.
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Weird, it's creepy, almost half a decade.... creepy...
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no not normal. 14 is too young to date a 18 year old.
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Woahhhh 42& 22. Now, that's an huge age gap right there...
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perv!.. he jst wants to bone
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