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15 inch Dick
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I am 14 and I have a 15 inch dick (when flacid) and when I take showers in the lockeroom at school people call me "mr tiny dick" and my gf said it is the smallest dick she has ever seen. And she has been sucking alot of c*ck in just a month. Is this normal?
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Comments (4)
it was obvious that you forgot the put in the full stop. you have a 1.5 inch dick, no it's not normal
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you have 15 inch dick! no that is not normal at all. you need to be a pornstar
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Hopefully it will grow. Do the best with what you got and ignore the kids. Your girlfriend isn't too nice either.
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dump your slutty gf

obvioulsy shes been around and having a 1.5 inch dingle with herpes is worse then a 1.5 incher without it!
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