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16-yo girls are the sexiest
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As I get older (24 now) I find that I just feel more and more like all the attractive girls are age 15-18.

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I dont see whats wrong with it.. In the UK sex is legal at 16. You could be 70 and legally have sex with a sixteen yo. I lost my virginity when i was 14 to a 19 yo, and when i was 17 i had sex with a 15 yo. I dont really think it is wrong. Anyway, jst bcause something is against the law doesn't mean it is wrong.
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Understandable, it is normal to be attracted to their bodies, but not very common to be attracted to them intellectually or have common interests to share.

Girls age 16 also tend to have smaller body frames and very cute faces compared to women several years older. Sixteen year old girls also tend to be very immature, but not nearly as immature as boys that age. Make sure you don't get involved with any who are not of legal age to consent.
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as for all 15-16 year old girls.. don't label us as immature. becuase it does not fall true for all.

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yes because it's true
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I don't know about that. I know some 18, 19, 20-year-olds who are pretty damn sexy.
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Well, watever, They certainly dont manufacture girls the way they used to (ass, titties, and Camel Toe). We can thank all the fast food chains for their increase in hormones (in most meats) for the development of 16 year old girls today.
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Yes mate I agree with you your now on Cabinet70s christmas list
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normal for now, but try to find a chick your age before your attraction to little grils becomes an obsessiona nd pedopheliac
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They are pretty, but too young for you. You missed it. Maybe in a next life...
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Umm.Normal.Maybe but LEGAL....NOT LIKELY
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Yup pedophile, your gonna be on dateline's "how to catch a predator" soon enough
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It is... at my age (17)!!!!!! Not for a 24 year old, thats a 9 year old age difference (15-24). Not its not normal for you, and you are probably a pedophile. a girl that young is TOO young for a guy of your age, why not like girls of your age group?
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