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19 and still a virgin?
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Well first ill tell a little about myself; I just turned 19 this month, I'm tall and skinny and have blond hair and green eyes. I'm currently going to community college then planning to transfer to U.C Berkeley and go to law school after that. I'm smart, fairly athletic(i keep myself in good shape), I'm not outgoing, I'm not the type to go to the club and hit on as many girls as i can. Besides that i like to play video games, although i realize that's not something that would help me in dating, so i usually wont even mention it to a girl.

In high school i never dated, my first two years i was just too awkward and shy to approach any girls, and none really showed any interest in me except for help on homework. Besides that i live with my grandparents, my family situation is bad and Ive almost ended up in foster care a couple times. My junior and senior year i was still shy and really depressed and angry about my family situation, everyone seemed so happy at school and i didn't feel i could relate to any girls that i liked anyways.

So finally here i am now, in college, I'm 19 and have basically zero dating experience. I'm fairly optimistic but i cant help but think that being the nice guy, or the smart guy, doesn't pay off at all and that being a confident asshole would get me more girls.
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They say nice guys finished last. Maybe that's true - but they usually get the best prize at the end.

You're perfectly normal. There are plenty of girls who ideally want to be in a relationship with someone exactly like you, and you'll never be happy in a relationship where you feel like you need to be someone you aern't in order to impress or satisfy your partner. Just stop worrying and see what life throws at you - you're only 19! Someone is going to come along, trust me.
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I think it's normal.
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It's not normal but it is good! Be yourself. Girls like guys that aren't whores!!!! Ok it goes both ways. Guys can be whores to and girls don't like it.
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go to this site right here dude. it makes sense to me and im also not too good with girls. i share a similar situation with you but not as bad as me almost into foster care.

the site i was talking about is right here dude:
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only have sex wen ur ready...and its not a competition
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AWWWW! so sweet! u sound like a handsome young man, and you will find someone, trust me!
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I am same as you are, hope you might feel a bit less freaked about this knowing you are not alone. I am 3 years elder to you... :)
During my highschool, I was in all-girls school and not being so outgoing I dint date much. After that busy with my entrance exams. Now I am finishing my engineering in 4 months and find that many people are showing interest in me. The point is, if you are good then just be patient. I haven't said yes to them, because I felt I am not ready.. So basically that is the reason I am a virgin still !!! :D :D

Anyway what I am trying to say is that be confident in what you like and dislike. Express your interests confidently. It may ease you to know that some find guys who like video games interesting too... because I play video-games all the time with my brother... :)
Accept who you are and be proud of it. Don't let your family situations have negative impact on you, use them in such a way so that you can be a strong individual!!!

If you need someone to talk too... feel free to contact me ... :)

All the best with your future and Happy new year !!! :)
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I think everyone has a 'soul mate' that will love who you are and what you do. I, myself play video games as well, and softball runs my life. I just feel like you will find that somebody that will understand your lifestyle. Everyone has their own style. :)
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Ok That is not normal in today's busy world. Although your parents may be proud of you... What is up with that? Now you only have to tell some nice sweet girl you are a virgin and she will be on you instantly. Have fun and dont get anyone pregnate!
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i dont think ther is anything wrong with that......i only know a couple ppl that hav had sex in highschool but i no a couple people that havent had their first kiss
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I am the same way.. Believe it or not. I sometimes feel left out in the whole dating world but I just keep hoping that the right guy will come around for me. And you sound like a really nice guy, so I know you will find someone perfect for you just be patient and optimistic:). :)
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You're story sounds almost exactly the same as mine, except i didn't have family troubles i had medical troubles which got me down.

Don't worry about it dude. I'm 19 and still a virgin too. nbd
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Don't have sex until you're married, then have it all the time and it will be many times better, because there won't be after-sex problems like "was she making fun of me", "will she get pregnant", "does she have something I should worry about". I know this isn't exactly the advice you're looking for but just be yourself and make a relationship on the feeling of love not the action of making love.
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You could always have a guy friend suck you off to take the pressure off.
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You are a flamer
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first you are a bitch. don't be offended, becausse you are. you don't do a girls homework for her if anything ou should be asking her for help. if she says yes you use that time to get to know her but stay on topic. be calm and confident if you can get her to laugh you can fuck her. its true trust me. ps you should go to a stirp club.
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Just think how special it will b when u do have sex with someone u love. Verginity is the gift u only get to give away once... Make it count, make it special and memorible!
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Also keep this in mind... 3 out of 5 girls have or have had STDs. Guys it's probably higher. Out of 10 of my girl friends maybe 3 possibly 4 don't or haven't had. A girl I know is going on her 4th or 5th STD ... Gross ha!
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That's okay! Totally. If any girls ever ask u out, even if you don't even like them, go for it! U will get used to girls, and like them more and more. But really, I don't wanna have sex until I'm married and am interested in having a Child
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