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29, single, still at home!
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I'm 29, single and I still live at home with my parents. I make descent money but b/c I'm in sales in a bad economy, although I get a 30K base, commission can be great one month and crappy the next. I got myself into some nice debt accumulating from age 18 through I'd say 28 when I realized FINALLY that this debt ain't gonna pay itself; 18k at the time.

Also I live a good 30min out of the way from work and pretty much civilization...and in Miami nonetheless, so social life during the week is slim to say the least by choice only b/c with this bad economy, gas prices fluctuating(even more now with freaking BP), it gets expensive not to mention money for boos, etc. That's money I can be saving and paying off credit debt.

I am a realist though. I do know you're ALWAYS going to have some form of debt. but it is alot easier moving out at zero or close to it rather than 15K of credit on your back.

What also doesn't help is that most of my friends are married. So making up for not doing $hit during the week is becoming tougher even on the damn weekends. Again, i don't beat myself too much over b/c I know the economy blows right now and there's really no such thing as job security these days....especially in sales. But I do wonder somedays if i am infact wasting my life away. I try to tell myself, it's only temporary, eventually, the debt will go away. Enough for me to move out atleast and closer to where I can start meeting some f$cking females on the regular like i did in college.

So, I the financial mess I've put myself in, given the circumstances, is it normal to feel how i'm feeling? Eventhough it's not all the time but just sometimes?

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It's normal - but don't use it for an excuse. Set a time limit - like 2 or 3 years - to pay off your debt and be out of your parents house. Plan to be out on your own and established before you turn 35.
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I have no debt. I'm not sure why you think this is normal, especially living at home. You need to listen to Dave Ramsey and get out in the real world.
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Thanks sippin!
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i think it's normal for you to feel the way you do considering your finances right now.

but now you know what to do, right? work at getting rid of that debt, or at least getting it down to a manageable amount. then you should start working on putting some cash aside, so that once you are out on your own, if you have a month or more of low commissions, you have money to get you by.

i live debt free now, but i had a plan and worked at it for years. at one time i had a mortgage, two car payments and tons of credit card balances and personal loans. you can get out from under debt, but it takes time and hard work.
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Got you. thanks mtnw!
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Okay person above- if you ever purchase a car, or a home... Unless you've got hundreds of thousands of dollars.. You will have debt! It's normal!!!! To OP: I would say it's completely normal. Many, many people are living at home again. I just moved from Orlando up north ( because of the better economy) with my family after living alone for the past like 6 years. It will pass. Keep in mind you're only 30. To you this may sound worse than it is, but it's not! As far as social life goes, try I am using it to meet new people where I moved to and it's nice. Anything to help keep you 'sane' during this rough patch! It will blow over. Keep your chin up!
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15k of debt is no reason to still be living with your parents at 29! that is extremely sad especially since all of your friends are married. what if you want to date someone what are you going to tell them? You can a) lie about your age b) tell them they are living with YOU, but both are not a good idea anyways as they are lying. Why don't you try to settle your debt for 60% and ask your parents for a loan?
Then move out asap! Time to be independant!
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I think you're fucked.
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go get a friend or a car or a job!
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