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4 ft 10.5 guy 19 years old
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Am i that short? ok i've always been short but i stopped growing young and been stuck at this height forever!! even all the girls outgrew me in hs and now i'm in college and many of them like to wear heels so i only come up to their boobs on most of them.thats fine but i look young too so its kinda embarrassing when get mistaken for a little kid by girls my age. is this normal? if ur a girl can u say ur height and what u think
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Comments (12)
Are you asking if it is normal to be 4'10.5" at 19 years old? Really? Look around you. Do you know what the word normal means? I hate to be mean but fuck that is a stupid question.
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Did you not eat.

Poor child.
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Unless you start dating midgets you're fucked. 4'10" for a girl isnt bad and ive seen it before but as a guy rarely.
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I'm 4'10 and I'm a girl. No, it is not normal.
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He is 1/2 inch taller than you though right?
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Your height may not be common among other men, but as long as you're healthy it's not abnormal. You might want to see a doctor about it to make sure you don't have any medical problems that have stunted your growth.
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Anyone below 4'10 is technically called a dwarf.

So when you wake up you're a person, and by bedtime you're a dwarf.
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My adult daughter is that tall but my mother on law was 4 ' 9 " . Are there other short males in you extended family ?
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I don't think it's normal, but there are worse things. I actually like short guys.
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You probably have a form of Dwarfism or a pituitary condition. Didn't your doctors tell you when you were a child that this wasn't normal? You could get a surgery that would break your legs to make you taller, but it's painful and takes a long time. You should see a doctor and see what he or she says.
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