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69!!! stories!!!!!....
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There are 69 stories that are in the " Newest " list, they include, Sex, masturbatin, and other sex related topics, no what the f**k is every bodies problem, like we wanna read ur stupid lieing a**hole stories, GET A LIFE, and figure the porblem out ur self, cause more than HALF of these ppl comment poorly, and yes i admit i do comment bad to, BUT they was b4, now i much, anyways u ppl should just not even bother talking about sex on here, didnt sex ed or health class cover all the question, losers.....
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I took sex education in the 8th grade and it addressed anatomy, conception, developmental stages, but not specifically sex. We could write a question on an index card and drop it into a box to remain anonymous. The teacher would address the question the following day but few would ever be willing to ask a question.

Health class was in my junior year and it focused mainly on drugs and alcohol. The schools are not of much help with sex education, at least not where and when I attended.
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"as much, anyways u ppl should just not even bother talking about sex on here, didnt sex ed or health class cover all the question, losers....."

Of course not. If people knew all the anwsers to sex then their wouldn't be STDs or unwanted pregnancies. Some people can't even take Sex Ed because of religious reasons. They would have a lot of questions too. Think yourself lucky that you get Sex Ed. Idiot.

If you don't like the stories find another site.
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whine whine whine
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@ Siso

Haha that brings back memories, same here but for some reason it was in high school lol..the box was great someone asked if they camed in a girls ass would she get pregnant it was great
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I like the sex stories they give me a boner
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I don't know cab, some of them just make me want to vomit.
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@: roger49
I agree with roger and cab I hope your fucking kidding! Some make me want to puke and hurl days on end, well its not that bad. But yeah, i agree, these stories have gotten so repetitve and dull, we need new ones that we can really talk about!
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