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I have an embarressing problem. My c*ck is around 10 inches on a fat (measured from the arsehole) but nearly does a complete 45 degree left turn. Can i straighten my d*** by sitting it in the right side of my jocks?
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i have the same problebs but theres one advantage u can cum around corners
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Yes that will work in about 5 years start now
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Yeah, you need to get that taken care of NOW! You show that thing to a woman and she'll run away screaming. Don't expect to use it on a woman!
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Try training it to have a right turn in it too. A nice big zig-zagged dick for her pleasure. You'll have an excellent career in porn.
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I never heard of someone measuring their penis size from the anus as an endpoint, that makes absolutely no sense. If I measured my penis from the back of my head it would be several feet long under your ludicrous, unscientific method. Penis size is measured from the shaft to the tip. If you want to change the shape of the penis, it in fact, likely can be altered over time by simple means. I know that stretching the penis, "OVER TIME" (many months), can change the length of a penis by and inch or two and likely can change the shape of it. The penis is a MUSCLE, and like other muscles on the body can be altered/changed to an extent. Consult a doctor and ask him/her for a referral to an expert if you are serious about this. Simply rearranging your penis inside your underpants is useless to bring about change. Good luck, something tells me you will be perfectly fine.
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no c*ck as you put it is straight they either go to the left or to the right there's no straigh c*ck
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yes there are str8 c*cks its normal to have hooks or bends or w/e.... theres nothing wrong with it
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there is no normal cock.
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