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Addicted to casual encounters on craigslist.
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So it all started three years ago. I've always been a little curious about what it was like to try being 'bi'. I'd had a couple of fumbles with a friend as a boy and my straight relationship that i was in was coming to an end. Whilst scanning the internet one evening, i came across craigslist. 'casual encounters - NSA Sex'

At the time, the whole concept just baffled me. But to cut a long story short, i soon became totally hooked on meeting up with random guys and sucking their dicks. Now, i really do think i'm addicted. I still have relationships with women and enjoy having 'straight' sex.. But whenever i'm alone or bored or just horny.. my attentions turn back to meeting up with strangers for casual cock sucking. I love it, but i'm worried that it's becoming too much. I must have sucked over 50 dicks in the last three years.

Does anyone have any similar experiences? IS THIS NORMAL??
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Comments (13)
Use a condom!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter what!!
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Bunta you should be fully aware of the potential danger meeting casual people online.
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Be careful. Nevermind the addiction part, if you're not using condoms you're gonna end up catching STDs.

50 in three years is a bit much. If that's what you do in place of masturbating then you're addicted.
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*kicks door open*

Its not normal to eat corn dogs in one bite. Wait, gay, straight, bi, 50 stranger dicks.

*walks back out catatonic*
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Enjoy those herpes.
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If you know the health risks (and psychological risks) and take precautions, I don't see any problem. It's probably easier for men to do this because I'd imagine you form no emotional attachment whatsover for any of those guys.
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And here I've been clubbing all these years when I could have just gone on Craigslist.
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idk, there might be another craigslist killer, betta watch out!!!! hahaha
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You must be like, infected with all that shit, man! LOL uh. You might get raped or something now.

Actually I'll make a post on craigslist, I hope you see it ;] Suck my imaginary cock you manwhore D:<
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Fuck i hate it nothing but scammers in their trying to rip someone off and thats not right
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i hope it shuts down
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You are playing STD roulette
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