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Afraid to leave your house?..ha im pathetic.....
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Okay well..
I've recently been diagnosed with Agoraphobia
if your not familiar with that its something like :an anxiety disorder, often precipitated by the fear of having a panic attack in a setting from which there is no easy means of escape. As a result, sufferers of agoraphobia may avoid public and/or unfamiliar places. In severe cases, the sufferer may become confined to their home, experiencing difficulty traveling from this "safe place"
yea.. its pretty bad i dont even wanna take my dog for a walk anymore.. and the only time i do leave is when the sun goes down and no ones outside..i think im attractive and most guys like me, but im extremely shy.. it's not "oh your just shy most people are"..its more "omg no one can look at me or ill tweak out inside"..i start sweating and have panic attacks, its close to where i feel faint. i dont get it, when i was younger i was all out and about, happier, more confident, but ever since they (doctors) gave me certain medications (i've been on and off) i cant do anything anymore. I cant go to school,a job, make new friends, shopping, im a complete mess.
i try though but i only make as far as a block from my house during the day..i dont know.
anyone got some advice and whatnot?...blah
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this is not normal but i have it as well
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haha thanks guy..
i dont take meds anymore cause it made me worse..
i should try the sunglass thing tho maybe that'll help.
and i occasionally smoke pot but that makes me tweak even more.. so yea
idk when i take painkillers i get a lot of motivation and become more confident but then i dont want to become a junkie hahaa...
o wellsss
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yeah definetly dont smoke pot if you have that problem. when i smoke pot and go somewhere with a lot of people(walmart) i keep my head down, dont look up, i sweat, feel very uneasy,i feel clammy and queezy, i turn as white as a sheet, and sometimes i go to the bathroom and vomit.
sometimes this occures when im not high.
do you think i have this problem? please reply
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hmm...maybe you're allergic to marijuana.
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maybe what happend was you got married
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People have so many different phobias in this life. It's just the way our breain works. I think this is a very unfortunate phobia to have, though. How fulfilling can life really be if you're afraid to leave the house? Just try to remember that, although being inside your house gives you that illusion of safety and that nothing's going to happen to you - ANYTHING could happen to ANYONE. Sometimes you're just as safe outside as you are inside. You have to take precautions when you're inside of your house (not to leave the stove on, for example!) as you have to take precautions when you're outside (not to walk on a dark alley alone at night.)
It just takes a little bit of common sense.

About the shyness, I suffer from shyness, too. Sometimes it's worse than others but, I try to think OUTSIDE THE BOX. I try not to focus so much on MYSELF and I try to focus a lot more in OTHERS. The problem with shy people is that we focus too much on how WE are perceived when pretty much EVERYONE is always worrying about how THEY'RE perceived. I read once that people that aren't shy don't really judge shy people, they just can't UNDERSTAND why we could be so shy. If you put yourself in THEIR shoes, maybe it'll be easier for you to be yourself.

Don't expect your problems to disappear overnight. Like for example, shyness is a innate thing, you were BORN with it; you can't expect it to completely GO AWAY; it'll most likely always be there...but you can try and overcome it as much as you can and keep it under control. Everytime you feel like you took a risk and did something that goes against your shy nature, CELEBRATE IT. It becomes easier to do it again the next time (for example, chatting up a stranger.)

Recognize that you have a phobia and that the only thing you can do is take it on day at a time. Keep visiting your doctor and trying to find ways to little by little, overcome your fears. IT IS POSSIBLE. Celebrate each success and don't be too hard on yourself.
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A lot of people have this I thought it was usually caused after some trauma like being mugged or something. Im sure they would have someone be able to come to your house and help you maybe video your surrounding area and watch it with soothing music in the background
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um well something traumatic did happen to me, actually quite a bit..
i dont know i guess ill try that out even though ill feel a bit stupid...
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No need to feel stupid we all need help from time to time hope you get well soon Bye
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Don't feel alone. Try to find a support group online to get further help.

Continue to work with your phobia and one day you may feel comfortable enough to at least go outside and perform basic tasks.

I, too, feel very uncomfortable around strangers, and what helps me is if I wear dark sunglasses. I then feel more comfortable letting my face relax and not have to be conscious of the expressions I'm making with my eyes and such that'll give away how uncomfortable I feel or how I dislike a certain stranger walking towards me. Try that maybe it'll help a bit =) (or better yet have fun and try a disguise!)
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I read about a woman who played Second Life and soon enough she got over her fear.

You might try getting an RPG that simmulates real life that way on there you could go out and meet people and wander environments that simulate real life environments that way you could see that there is nothing to fear.(Second Life, Sims, and Gaia online are good choices.)
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I have the same problem it does suck alot
I hope things are better for you now
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You should see a psychiatrist. Today in psych class we were learning about phobias and my prof said that she loves getting in people with phobias because they are so EASY to cure. She said that if you are, say, afraid of heights you have to stand and look down from a really high place for a long time. Your body can't panic for very long and whenever you give in to its panic it reinforces your fear. If you face it it will go away in time.
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Do you feel as though you might be over perceptive to the thoughts and feelings of others?
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Maybe its the drugs the doctors gave to you.

But in this day and age it doesn't really matter because you can do what ever you want with a computer. But seriously, try to get out. I'd like to get to know you just to help you get outside.
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Don't worry I don't have the same condition but when ever I go out I think about my dogs and how bad their dog-fights are. Tips: Listen to calm music from an iPod or something, leave one ear bud in and another one out so you can listen to music while listening to the people aside you. :)
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ive felt like this for about a month now . never felt like this before, i was allways traveling and had a job. now i can leave home ... i got my first panic attack while stuck in heavy traffic on a very hot day. after that id just avoid traffic, then i couldnt leave the town i live in, now i cant leave home and had to move in with my parents... havent left for 3 weeks now :/ i wana see a doctor but when i leave i feel like im guna pass out from hyperventilation n just turn around...
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i totally have the same problem. im scared of having panic attacks everywhere i go. ive ended up getting homeschooled because im was too scared to go to school. it sucks having anxity.

you know what helped mine.
getting a boyfriend that i trusted and understood about what was wrong with me.
so when we went out anywhere in public if i ever felt panic-y i knew i had someone i loved there with me and take me out of the situation if i needed. which help ALOT. knowing that i wasnt forced to stay in the envoroment i was afriad of and that if i felt uncomfortable i could leave. helped alot.

i realllly hope you get better, i know how horrible it is.
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eventually you will get so bored of yourself you will venture out. when your realize your life is wasting away you will get purpose and start doing something.
or you will kill yourself, i dont know.

make good life choices!
try smoking weed!
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@: emojo
If they fear leaving the house they aren't just randomly going to get bored and say. I wanna go outside now. Thats not how it works. I am afraid of needles and you don't see me getting bored of that fear and jabbing myself in the arm.

...How is smoking weed a good life choice. That would like kill you or something. Its very bad not very good for your health.
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I think it's because you have this idea in your head that you have this problem, and because of the drugs you are taking. My advice is get off the meds, and stay the hell away from quacks.
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