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All of a sudden, I'm drunk every day!!
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I don't know why, but all of a sudden I started getting drunk every single day!! Nothing has happened in my life, I'm not stressed or anything like that. I don't even enjoy being drunk, in fact I hate it and I hate myself every day for doing it but I can't stop!! I always stay home and do it so it's not an issue of going out or being with friends or anything.

I started about a month and a half ago. Since day 1, I have drank about a half liter of vodka a day every day. I usually start around 1 in the afternoon and am done about 6, pass out for about 2-3 hrs and wake up feeling fine-not drunk anymore and no hangover.

I don't know why I am doing this and it's frustrating!! I never had a drinking habit, in fact I've gone very long periods without drinking even one single drink and I NEVER missed not drinking or ever thought about drinking during those periods. I never ever got a desire even to drink, any time I drank it was just circumstance usually. Now all of a sudden I am consumed with drinking so much every single day. WTF??

Anyone else have this happen?
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Sounds like u havent got a job or anything... Find something to do that gives responsebillity, maybe that would help...
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@: Rosey
I blow out my pants everyday
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Ever heard of alcoholism? ....thats where youre headed, if not already there. You act like youre so confused by why you are drunk every day, like it just happens to you magically. Put down the bottle, problem solved. Youre doing it to yourself, no one is pouring it down your throat. IF this is a serious issue where you are/becoming an alcoholic and literally CANT help!!!
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I agree with Rosey.
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omg. thats a great life really
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Very normal , I drink a similiar amount every day . And have done for about 2 years. I start the day with about 40 cl of vodka then I go to work (at a pub) drink more , come home, shag my girl and then drink myself to sleep, it's an easy life. All I spend my money on is alcohol and whores and various other drugs, What else is there to spend it on? Apart from food, which I don't even eat that much, apart from pot noodles or rustlers burgers.
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It's boredom drinking. It leads to depression which leads to more drinking. If you get a job and keep yourself busy you won't want to sit around all day and drink.
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I would suggest finding an AA meeting (you can find the nearest/soonest one online). They have them every day of the week, practically any time of the day and night. You can go and not say anything, so don't feel pressured to speak aloud or anything. Just listen and see if it helps. Good luck!
Alcoholism runs in my family, and as far as I can tell it is very very difficult to quit, and the only way to get your life back is to stop drinking entirely, and the only way to do that is to go to AA. (Obviously people have stopped by doing other things, but it seems to me that AA is the most direct way, with the highest success rate).
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STOP drinking man, its BAD!! go find something that can make you engaged and busy so that you don't feel like having it...

remove all these vodkas and bottles e.t.c from ya house and leave nothing...
read about the negative effects of drinking and miserable conditions of people who drink .... maybe that will help you avoid it!
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that can't be healthy in the long run.
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