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Am I normal I cant hold my farts
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Ok I have notice that it is so hard to hold in my farts. When I am at home let them out when ever I felt like it,but when I am in public it comes out sometimes with out warning....... I am I normal are there
any anal excercises i can be doing to keep this from happening.
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look into butt plugs.
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when i was young i had the same problem only solution is a change in diet
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Yeah - occasionally - but otherwise you need to figure out where's all the gas coming from - diet, stress... ??? Maybe try over-the-counter gas relief products for now. But try to get to the bottom of it, so to speak!
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Try holding them harder and think about a snowy winter morning. Oh wait thats too keep from..................
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Consider taking some anti-flatulence enzyme supplements with your food, like Beano or the store brand equivalents. I can't eat pork at all! Even if I have one strip of bacon, I end up with enough gas to power a lawn mower.
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Don't take it in the ass anymore.
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Your a power farter. To much PSI.
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