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Am i normal: I masturbate a lot
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Ok so basically i masturbate, what i think, is an abnormally large amnt. I feel liek i do it all the time. I won't like go into the b.r at school or work or something and just start masturbating but i maturbate a lot at home when im alone. Sometimes i will masturbate then do it again a minute later then do it again after that liek an hr later. Sometimes ill do it like 7 times in 1 day, but usually like 3 times. I dr think abt it that much i was just thinking that i rly do do it too much.

So is this normal or am i just a really weird person?
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Don't listen to the douche-bag who says its not normal. I used to jack off more than that. When I had a girl friend who was really into sex like I was we would fuck 4 to 5 times a day. And when we weren't fucking i'd be jacking off. She got kinda pissed off when I jacked off without her tho. We broke up. But don't worry about it. Jack off more. Its good for ya.
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Don't worry about it. You've just got a high sex drive. Most boys go through a stage like that. Your sex drive will probably calm down when you're older, but for now, I say make the most of it. As long as you're doing it in private and it's not hurting you, you're fine.
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same here, with me it depends on stress and other factors like loneliness, boredom, anxiety, or other times felling great, happy with myself or euphoric. One thing, masturbation can frustrate at the moment of gratification. It is much better with someone you love. But as an exercise it is as common for most of us but periodic. Now I am 45 and I believe, there are phases of our life's when we do it more than others, and this can be a regular thing.
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Hey I'm 40 have a great sex life, 4 or 5 times a week but I still like to masturbate once every day.
It wont do you any harm and it's not abnormal.
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Masturbation starts to become a problem when it interferes with your daily life. Try not to do it so often like when you get stressed out and feel the need to masturbate. Learn to deal with your stress in other ways, and force yourself not to think about it.
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I don't know if it's good for you to do it THAT much..."Normal" and "safe" are two different things.
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You r perfectly normal. I did it too. We all have done it... You r probably 18 to 23 right. All hormones puss and vinegar. Enjoy it while it lasts u will change in ur 30s.
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I didn't do it that much, but did it a lot, and I won't say it's abnormal. But if you miss class or are late for work because of it, you got a problem.
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wanking a lot is normal, but the amount you do is kinda creepy and i'd say NO, not normal.
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