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Am I the only one who can't be vulnerable?
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I always had a hard time with socializing. I get so nervous that I pretend I just don't care, and people just give up on me eventually. I know that my biggest problem is I'm scared to be vulnerable to people, but that just leaves me with a bunch of friends without a strong relationship. I'm worried I'll always be alone, I've been fighting this ever since preschool. Am I the only one with this problem?
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I feel very similarly. I hate putting myself in other's power, thus making myself vulnerable to them. This applies both physically and emotionally.
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Huh, I feel the exact same. I suspect this is why I've never dated (I'm 21) and haven't had close friends since elementary school.
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when you make yourself vulnerable to other people your more likeable and aproachable, but theres that risk of some mean people to use it against you. People can mistake you for a snob when you isolate yourself. (just my opinion)
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