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Anal addiction
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My gf is 1 yr younger than me and im 17 and strait and she is bi. i am also dating her frend. but she likes it cuzshe culd do me and lick her gf. well she likes alot of anal sex and i like it too but, sumtimes she starts to cry after a few minutes. i want to stop but she doesnt, how can i stop without her getting mad and how can i stop it from hurting her so much?
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Comments (9)
Anal is the greatist gift a girl can give a man. It would make me do her harder if she cried but wanted me to keep going. Man I gotta go wack off now.
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what a load of crap
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you lucky little bastard
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Cry? Wtf...
As long as you lube up and stretch her butthole it should be fine.
She sounds like she wants attention... I mean, some girls can't handle the feeling, but fuck, they have the brains to stop.
Maybe she is a masochist. She likes the feeling of being degraded. Crying completes her fantasy.
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I have an anal addiction to.
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not normal.=]
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To the poster you say she likes alot of anal sex you would think she would be use to it by now.Maybe those tears are tears of en(joy)ment.Hell i dont know.
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