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Anal masturbation
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I'm a straight male, but occasionally I like to masturbate anally with my fingers or a hairbrush handel or something like that in the shower. Do any other guys like to do this?
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With a finger (or 2) in your ass when you jerk off you can feel the throb and contractions of the anal muscle. Theres no doubt the 2 are connected.

It brings me off so much quicker than non-anal. I find I dont need to think erotic thoughts cos the ass makes things so intense! I'm pretty new to it and was searching for the G spot and found it!
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Thats fucking gay
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A lot of guys do that, I am sitting on my thumb at work right now.
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well wat ever pleases you...jus dont open it up 2 big...u got me?....and dont ever tell it to ya GF....haha
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airnt you worried your butthole will stay open.
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Dude thats totally normal for some guys and there is no way possible that ur ass is going to stay open that the craziest Shit i've ever heard.
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it has been scientifically proven that the male g-spot is in the anal therefore its normal for a straight guy to do it
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Its not normal. You are wrong babyangel.It has not be scientifically proven that males even have a g-spot.G-spots have little to no evidence that they exist in science. Just what magazines and people say. Males actually don't have a g-spot thats a fact. The prostate and pereneum are sometimes called g-spots thats all. A guys prostate or g-spot is not in the anal track it is in front of it. Y. A guys and girls anal track are the same nothing in it but waste. Thats is sceintific proof just look up where the prostate is and it will show u. M
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Oh of course. It's why the gays all do it.
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yea i do it im toatlly straght try puting ice cubes up there beat my record of 6 n cheak back wit me lol
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