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Anal plug in public?
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I find it exciting to wear a butt plug for extended periods of time, including at work or while shopping. Even for days at a time, it just works for me.
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my ex-gf did something similar to that too but not that often, usually when we were out for dinner just to tease me about it.
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If you're going for really long term (and you don't want to smell) use glass or steel. I've been wearing a plug since April of 2013. It's now January of 2014. And I mean every day and night without a break...except for when I had the flu. Mine's glass. It doesn't smell. I rarely need to relube. I only remove it to poop, and back in it goes. I have a blog called "livingplugged" and I chronicle my experiences there. Of course I am wearing my plug as I write this. I'd really like to correspond with those who stay plugged as I do. I think it's great that straight guys love being plugged, and no it doesn't mean you're gay or headed that way. It means you have discovered your P-spot and want to get to it through your ass.
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Wow that's going the distance I just wanna try it on short walks or trips to the store
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Yeah, im a guy and im not gay but my partner and I both enjoy using butt plugs for extended periods of time. The anus has a lot of nerve endings and provides many people with lots of fun. Dont worry about it, and do what feels good to you, but please dont use glass in your butt if you havent yet or plan to or whatever, just throwing that out there.
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Sounds normal, and even thought I have never tried it, quite possibly fun!
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Fair play
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Pew! Just make sure you wash it throughly.
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I am a 47 yr old, married, educated, totally straight guy who loves wearing a butt plug. I've enjoyed anal stimulation since I was a teenager and periodically incorporated it into my masturbation sessions over the years. I've been re-married for about 5 years and recently disclosed my desire for anal stimulation to my wife (my ex-wife was very enthusiastic about anal play and loved using toys on me).

I use an Njoy Stainless Steel Plug quite often and love the comfort and sensation of it in me for hours. As an added thrill, I love going out in public to run errands, go to dinner, catch a movie, etc while wearing my plug in me while no one knows.

It's good to know there are other straight men out there like myself who simply enjoy the sensation of anal play and aren't afraid to pursue it.
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