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Anal sex with my cousin
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I come from a fairly big family and one christmas holidays the whole family came to stay with us, at my grandparents.

Now i live with my grandparents because my mother died when i was young so i have my own room there(a sleepout) thats pretty small. When everyone came to staywe were pretty hard pressed to find beds for everyone. as you may of guessed by now my 15-year old cousin slept with me in my sleepout.

She's pretty good looking and as it happens i'm good looking enough for her to start hitting on me when we go to my room. Long story short: she sleeps naked, starts by sucking me off and the night climaxes with me doing her in the ass.

The next morning was a bit awkward but we never got found out.

My question is: Has anyone else done thier cousin in the ass?

BTW i was 16 at the time
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The first time i had anal sex wit my cousin was when i was thirteen, it was really wierd and i felt like a perv, but it is not as bad as people think
Have fun,
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Hardly any women who like it up the arse?

There are loads out there who like a good stuffing up there. The majority of birds I have screwed take it up the arse.

Ones that I have found that dont like it too much are asian birds. They are, in general, very small women.
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there are hardly any girls who like it in the ass
and you find a 15 year old cousin lol
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i think a lot of women like it up the ass
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I am 13 and my cousin is 12 and I love my cousin we always text each other and tlk on msn to each other like we was bf and gf. We always played with each other and had sex with cloths on n try to have sex with cloths off but her virgina was to tight. Then the once i was round her house, we strted to have sex with cloths on then i pulled down her jeans and pants and pulls down my n tried to fuck her whilst she was on her stomach, her ass is so nice so i started to try anal. I kept pushing and pushing then it went in, she screamed out in pain and i strted to pund her, i finaly pulled it out.
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I doubt many have done their cousins let alone up the ass. It's a provocative story and you have a kinky imagination. Vaginal penetration is far more likely a real life scenario than is anal penetration when beginning heterosexual intercourse with an individual.
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Ive had sex with my cousin but im a guy and all my cousins are guys too. hehe!!
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No but I would like to
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