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And now it burns very badly
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I used anti-bacterial handwash as lube to put a vibrator in my asshole and now it burns an awful lot. I thought that the handwash, being anti-bacterial, would kill 99% of all known germs while it was in there but this isn't fun anymore :(
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Life is like a big school. We are constantly learning. Nuff said.
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Why not just use acetone. It would kill 100% of whatever?
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And now this battle has begun
It's far to late to run and hide
And though the one´s i face are strong
I´ll leap into this fight head-on
I will carry on
Whoa, this dream will last forever
And this dream will never die,
I will rise to meet the challenge every time.
(I,m Advanced Challenged)
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I know that you probably made this story up for the laughs. It would be even more hilarious if this really happened. You basically just gave yourself extreme painal.
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What germs did you think your vibrator would catch from your arsehole?

It's the VIBRATOR you need to clean after use, not your arsehole before use except for normal washing!
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You'll be fine
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LoL just pee-pee myself damn you
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