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Annoyed by the sound of my dog licking & slurping
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My dog constantly bites and licks his feet, and I find the sound of him licking & slurping his feet to be VERY annoying. It cuts through me like a knife and I HAVE to make him stop or it will drive me nuts. My mom thinks nothing of the biting and thinks I'm being too hard on the dog. Is it normal to be annoyed by the sound of licking/slurping?
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My cat is the same. She washes her fur and it just makes the most irritating noise. Worst part is she sits right near me so I hear it full blast.
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A girlfriend of mine had a wiener dog that would lick himself at night just as we would be settling in for the night in almost complete silence other than his slurping. He didn't lick his feet though if you know what I mean...Anyway, one night I finally got sick of it so as he was working himself over (at fever pitch I might add) I shouted "SNOOOOOOOPY!!!" there was a second or two of silence and then one final sssssssssllllllllluuuuuuuuurrrrrrP! I almost died laughing.
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YESSSS!!!! I hate it when my dog runs down the hall...he's extremely heavy-footed... so it's annoying. I also hate it when he laps water from his bowl... and the left over water drips from his face...all down the hall.
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