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Are Random Pains Normal?
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So I am probably just over reacting, but here it goes.

Everyday I get random pains. It always happens somewhere different and it usually only lasts for a few seconds. Sometimes it is blunt and other times it will be stabbing or sharp. I don't know what it is, but it is always so sudden . . like a bug bite without the bug. Half the time I just think I am making it up, but I know that I am not. I would even understand it more if I were older, but I am only 19. Is this normal?
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i would go to a doctor instead of asking random people on the internet.
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Spasms, do they occur predominately in ur back?
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yeah, if they happen in your back you probably got like a pinched nerve or some shit, it can make you feel all kinds of wierd in random places. I get that stuff too...or sometimes in the lungs and it gets hard to breathe.
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Probably muscles trying to get some energy out by twitching a little to hard
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normal... everyone get small random pains..
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OMG! I get them too! I thought I was mad, but hey!

Yeah I think its pretty normal, I've had them all my life and i'm perfectly healthy! :D

I think its just the muscles/tendons twitching or something, nothing serious (I hope O.o")
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They are called "Growing Pains" perfectly normal, as long as it doesnt happen like every 5 minutes
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Sounds like bone cancer.I asked my Uncle,he's a doc and he says almost certainly bone cancer.
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