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Are women wearing scuba gear sexy?
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I believe women wearing wetsuits, scuba masks, snorkels, fins etc. Are incredibly sexy - even if the chick is a 1 on the pretty scale and she wears scuba gear shell be catapulted to a 10, anyone else feel this way?
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It is amazing how many different kinds of things the human brain can be sexually stimulated by.
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You merman you
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I dive and have seen many women in dive suits. Most women, unless their really fat, look HOT in a dive suit. Hugs their ass, tightens their thighs, waist and if they have at least a B cup is exciting. WARNING: Women love looking at men in dive suits too. I was diving with friends in St. Kitts and was turned on by a few women. Let me tell erection cannot be hidden under a dive suit.
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I believe that is called a fetish.
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I have never heard of that but whatever you like. You are normal.
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Of course you're normal! But I have to say, your particular fetish is hilarious!
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fuck no
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your normal lol

you prob like the hole leather whips and chain thing too lol
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Dude, Sea World. That'll be like your babe spotting world.
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You are normal, you have what's called a fetish. Some men like women in mini skirts or Nurses outfits, Some women like men in uniform or cowboy attire. I think as long as you can talk with and enjoy women outside of the fetish as well might be helpful as well. Meaning that if ONLY women in Scuba turns you on, then you might have a problem in relationships, but if you can incorperate it with a woman you fancy you might be better off. Is nothing wrong with your fetish, but if you can't try things your partner may like and it only has to be your way, then you may find yourself alone with your computer or pictures.
I have the same fetish, but is not just for any woman and I'm not into wetsuits that much. Go get certified as a diver and join a local scuba club, trust me, there you will have more of a chance of meeting a women who enjoys scuba and water like you. Will be many divers that will only be into fishes and pics so don't be too overt about it. Good luck my friend and have fun!
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this is normal, but rare. I have the same fetish. Love women in scuba gear, espec wetsuits and flippers (all black) with holes in the right places. Sucking on a regulator is sexy too. however, while certified as a diver, the sexual part is strictly out of the water...nothing fun about sex in the water for me!
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It's normal.
Women wearing wetsuits are hot to me too. My girlfreind says she liked seeing me wear one when we went swimming in San Jose.
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just a fetish, and nothing to be ashamed of. At least girls wearing poop all over themselves isn't sexy to you. Or it it?
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I just want to say that I truly admire women in dive suits while wearing masks, fins, etc. I also think women look pretty darn cute blowing bubbles underwater and having the bubbles pass through their and making it float to the top... Very sexy I think?
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Lol scuba gear fetish. I've heard much much worse.
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please help
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