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Aroused by Inflated Women
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I know you're gonna freak out, but please answer my question...
I get aroused by pics of women being inflated. Like this:
I don't understand why I like it, or how this will affect me later on in life... give advice or something...
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Comments (7)
oh man i lauphed at this for a long time whatever dude thats awsome lol
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@: smurph
haha thats hilarious but hey what ever floats your boat ... and smurph um hey i have a wierd question where ya from ???
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if that picture turns you on i find you strange theres no fanny no colour no anything cartoons are a turn on for me but that picture is just daft has any1 eles looked at that picture
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Well this topic brightened my day....i'm surprised women as fat as that picture you showed are still alive...but only in america.

As for the divine Help: people are interested in different things and its not wrong to be into anything because there are tons of people who feel the same way as have fun!
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that image frightened me
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I get excited by pictures of womens breast inflating, or very detailed stories. It seems normal enough to me that people use their imagination even for masturbation. I think it's normal, but someone else that doesn't have a fetish as yours or mine might think it's weird.
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mo cushin for the pushin
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