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Ass cramps, anyone?
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Every once in a while I'll get a cramp in my asshole. It's a sharp pain that only lasts about a second, but it forces me to squirm, sometimes pretty awkwardly. No, I haven't had anal sex before.

I get them every couple weeks. I've had them since I can remember. Anyone else?
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It is called Proctalgia Fugax and is characterized by a sudden, intense spasm of the anal opening usually lasting less than a minute, but in some rare cases can last up to an hour. These sharp stabbing cramps can occur a few times daily, then be absent for weeks or months. They are intense enough to wake someone from sleep, and often do. This condition is experienced by about 13 percent of adults and is actually more common among women than men. Proctalgia Fugax was described by greek physicians 2,000 years ago. There is no known cause or cure. Sufferers should be confident that the pain is not an indication of something serious. Also, this condition does not increase the risk of colon cancer, colitis, hemorrhoids, anal fissures or other bowel disorders. It is simply a muscle cramp in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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Sounds like you sit too much. That puts a lot of stress and pressure on that area. Get up and move around a bit. Just wondering...does it hurt when you fart?
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That could be it. I do sit a lot. No, it doesn't hurt when I fart.
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its normal with someone with roids, go to your local walgreens
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I get that too!!! I glad I'm not alone with that ha
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I used to get that too....not any roids,,,
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I used to have them..
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I have been woken up with the same symptom. mine will last until i take a pain medication. it's real uncomfortable and worried it was cancer. One day i was searching channels on TV and Dr oz was talking about the same thing. A woman was there and asked the same question. she had the same pain, i forgot the medical term but in essence he said it was a muscle spasm
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Like 5 minutes ago I had a serious cramp! Had to lie down for two minutes, then it disappeared completely. I'm glad this is a thing thou! I have problems with lower back and sit a lot. My whole hip area is very tight cause of chronic pain.. might be related I don't know. Glad I'm not alone thou phew... :)
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