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Attracted to cousin
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Im thirteen and my cousin is turning 14 pretty soon. he's realy hot and i know im not the only 1 to think so, is it normal to be attracted to him, i mean not just because of his looks. he's kind to girls not like some other jerks around the place, but he's not a total gentalmen ether wich is a bit of a turn on. great at sport as well as being real smart, he has many more great qualitys. I know he feels the same way, he looks at me different and acts weird around me, he says its because he likes me more than he should. he's almost kissed me twice bfore turning away embarrassed and walking out of the room. I havent told him that i feel them same and i dont thibnk he knows ither
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Anonymous's normal. I'm in love with my second cousin....unfortunately I have bigger issues as she is a I am.
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Umm well i always thought my cousin was attractive which he is. and always thought he was nicer than most guys out there. so ya i wished he wasnt my cousin until i did find a really nice guy. now i think it was just silly to think that way about him. it wasnt like i liked him it was more like i appreciated the kind of person he was and wanted to find someone like him. ya know?? i think its ok to feel that way cuz u r so young and havent had the chance to meet many other guys. its one thing to like him but its another thing to kiss him do things with him ect. thats just wrong nasty and its illegal!!!
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I married my cousin, She soooo cool. She is a white-girl.
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yes its normal honey. Just try not to act on it for it was cause major family issues.
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i think is completely kool. Because i used to like my cousin and he liked me..
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I think its wrong, although it happened to me, we were both attracted, i decided to avoid it eventhough it was tough to do so! But its better to avoid temptation than to face family issues!
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hill billy's hahaha
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He is your COUSIN. Enough said.
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