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Baby food infuriates me
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Whenever I'm in the baby food section at a store, I can't help but to firmly grasp my face and scream at the top of my lungs. I'm so pissed off. Baby food and everything baby related makes my blood boil. Is this normal? P.S. I don't have children. P.S.S. Baby water... who needs it?
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Comments (13)
what's so bad about baby food? all it is is fruit or veggies all mushed up so the baby doesn't choke. you were a baby at one time and ate that stuff, you know.
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH You totally made this is. No one would go down the baby isle section if they knew they were going to throw a spastic. If this is real, you need therapy, no one hates babies that much.
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Maybe you are subconsciously jealous of parents who need to buy these things. You don't have children but maybe secretly, you want to have them.
Your reaction to a harmless baby-product section sounds quite odd.
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If you don't like baby stuff, don't walk down the baby isle. Duh. And get over it, you were a baby once, too.
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Ps- I meant pps. I was so mad I couldn't see or type straight... consumed by baby hatred.
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Baby hatred? LOL!!! that sounds hilarious my good took!
I get tears of vengeful anger in my eyes when I think of wrathful babies destroying our advanced cuisine culture with their mushy muck!
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This is hillarious! And I'm pretty sure it's not THAT extreame... Is it? :l
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U don't like baby stuff, or useless products?
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TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! 1st Y!A now this. i might cry
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I don't really like baby food either. But I have teeth so I buy my food whole and it turns to mush in my mouth.
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Really weird definately not normal.
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Haha I had a good laugh over this one XD
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I agree, actually; that crap is disgusting.
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