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At age 13 I had my first orgasm, except I got it by rubbing my female cocker spaniel on my weiner. I continued to do that every once in a while until I was 16 when mom gave her away. She was too small to penetrate the one time I really tried. Since then I've only been attracted to small blonde girls.
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um this is fake
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love knows no bounds. go after whatever makes you happy. life is to be lived, not restricted.
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No, that's not fucking normal. That's perverted as hell. Get help asswipe.
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Make sure the girls you're going after are at least the age of consent otherwise you're gonna get f'd in the A.
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WoW, Animals, huh ? and small blonde girls, Well, i would say ur a F*ckin' Wack-a-do, but, yet u seem to fit into this F*cked up world just fine, so my advice to u is give up the small blonde girls thing u got going on, and just get a whole bunch of female dogs, and go K-9 on their ass's. Peace
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Pity it wasn't a male dog, then you could have rubbed it on your wiener, I suppose you mean cock, and tried to have simultaneous orgasms.
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