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BEST SEX = Loose Vaginas & Small Dicks
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I LOVE our SEX life. I have a real loose vagina and my boyfriend has a small dick. I think his small dick is so cute. I LOVE how he feels swimming around inside of me. He can even pork me when he is soft. We have an incredible amount of sex because of this. He get's hard and then explodes inside me, that is HOT. Then his soft dick swims around inside of me, this feels great to both of us, so he get's real HARD again and shoots off again! This goes on and on and we both are in Sex Heaven!

In one 24 hour period, when I counted, he had 32 orgasms, and I had 26. Yea that is right, we had sex 32 times, now if he were big and I were tight, we would have rubbed our skin off doing what we do!

Couples who have loose vaginas and small dicks have the safest sex also, VD is transmitted easer as things get tighter! Loose Vaginas and Small Dicks make for The Best Paradise on Earth!!!
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That's the creepiest fuckin thing i've ever heard... AWESOME LOL
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i agree, small dicks are cute. my boyfriend also has a tiny one and i like to play with him all the time... i enjoy mornings when i wake up and his really hard stick(?) tries to get inside my vagina from behind. i usually gently catch him and put him in my hole ... it's so relaxing...
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Perhaps you've got an normal sized vagina and your boyfriend just has a really, really small cock.
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If you found someone who is the right size for you - big or small - and you're right for what he likes - tight or loose; then that is GREAT. Your wrong about the risk of disease, though. Big or small, tight or loose - the risk factor is the same. And I don't know if this story is true or not; but if it is, then more power to you. It's cool to not only see people who aren't hung up on size and tightness; but who use what some think is a disadvantage to their advantage and for their ulitmate pleasure. Keep enjoying each other. Sounds like you've got a good thing going, (or cumming)!
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32 in one day? Not likely,of course after awhile with it all slick and gooey he could just fake it and youd never know anyway.he didnt come 32 times in one day regardless of what you say.
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There is no way a guy can orgasm 32 times in one day, it is impossible.
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wow, intense...
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oh yes she's absolutely right. The idea of a big vagina & the sensation of being enveloped by someone cavernous is the ultimate. I like being small inside her - i like the comparrison with my small 5 inches - I've had girlfriends of all sizes but every time I would choose big - big pussy lips & clit. My wife has all of this & we both like the way we are and have rally good sex. I guess there aren't too many guys who see it this way
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Well she's kinda right cuz I have a small dick and my wife has a big ass, at the beginning I was afraid that she could rejected me cuz my small dick, but it turns out that a small dick can take much more abuse than a longer one, due to the increased leverage, is just like a crane, the longer the boom the less weight can take.
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Well I am 5" firm hard and quite thick. I am actually shy sexually due to this fact that I'm not exactly hung.
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@: shad0w
dude its the thickness that counts. learn where the g spot is (about 2/3/4 inches in and on the front wall) and just pound it from behind hahahahaha


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haha this is so cool!!! :) have fun be safe :)
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If your cock is thick then use it
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i hav da opposite and muh women are tight. but
tell me moar, i be interezted.
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